As an IPS officer, Nazrul believes that, the police should work impartially and honestly to protect the people and prevent the criminals irrespective of their party affiliation and religion, caste or creed, as per the law of the land. They should do these in a very transparent way so that the people know them as impartial. So he refused to follow the illegal order of the leaders of the ruling party. This led to his many confrontations with the leaders of the ruling party from 27-10-1983, when he joined as SDPO Bolpur.

While he was away in Calcutta for appearing at the Departmental Examination, a mob under the leadership of local ruling party MLA and the son of the ruling party MP attacked the house of Pradhan of the opposite party, dragged them out, beaten them mercilessly and urinated in the mouth of man who was badly injured and crying for water. The women were stripped naked. They jumped to the ponds to take cover under water. On return Nazrul got the case properly investigated and arrested the MLA and some other members of the gang on the strength of warrants of arrest issued by the court. The next morning the son of the MP and few others were arrested. The local DM and SP pleaded for their bail. Nazrul did not agree. He got all of them including the MLA forwarded to the court. The court did not grant bail to anybody except only the MLA. The MLA was released on bail with the condition that he would not enter the area for the next three months and he would daily report his location to the local OC. The ruling party became furious. He was transferred to a battalion within a week and before the completion of even a month there. But he kept the flag of impartiality high courageously.

The tenure of Additional SP, Siliguri, Districtt Darjeeling was the climax of his career as an IPS officer. He successfully demonstrated that a police officer can be being liked and loved by common people, if he works impartially. Even the people were ready to forgive him for his minor fault, when he was trying to help them legally and earnestly. But he was transferred out from here when he started a case against a ruling party Pradhan, who were selling truckload of government cement to a private businessman. He was again posted to a battalion. But as result of the intervention of the then DGP, N Som, who personally inquired into the incident and found that Nazrul’s action was completely impartial and as per law, He was posted as Additional S.P. of Kolkata Airport

He pleaded for transparency and impartiality in Police Administration. The ruling party wanted to teach him a lesson by initiating an inherently illegal inquiry against him for which it had pay symbolic cost of Re1 as an admission of wrong done to him.