Critical writing


  • How the Bengalee can take lead in Business, Bhasha Sahitya, Kolkata, 1998, Rs 150
  • Islam 9/11 and Global Terrorism, Viva Books, New Delhi, 2005, Rs 495
  • Reforming the United Nations, Viva Books, New Delhi, 2005, Rs 395
  • History of the Bengali (D Litt thesis), Mitra O Gosh, Kolkata, 2008, Rs 1000 [D Litt thesis].
  • How the CPI(M) led Government harassed an honest IPS Officer, Books Way, Kolkata, 2011, Rs 195
  • How Secular is Indian Politics, Viva Books, New Delhi, 2013, Rs 795
  • Her dishonesty, Kolkata Prakashan, Kolkata, 2014, Rs 150
  • Injustices by Justices, Kolkata Prakashan, Kolkata, 2015, Rs 200
  • What should be done by the Muslims? (under the process of publication)
  • The conspiracy that made justice beyond my reach (Not published yet)
  • Midnight Sun and the equality of all Muslims (Not published yet)
  • Why are Muslims powerless people? (Not published yet)

Collections of essays

  • World Government and other essays (Not published yet)



Creative writing


  • Son of the Soil, Viva Books, New Delhi, 2005, Rs 395
  • ‘Bakul’ translated from his Bengali novel ‘Bakul’ by Baijid Hossain, Indiana, Kolkata, 2007, Rs 250
  • After a prolonged wait, translated from his Bengali novel ‘Dirgha Pratikshar Pare’ by Baijid Hossain, Books Way, Kolkata, 2012, Rs 195